10 years after redundancy, Stephen Moir returns as boss 

Stephen Moir new chief executive CCC

Stephen Moir, leaving Edinburgh to return to Cambridgeshire County Council where he will become chief executive - Credit: Archant

Ten years ago, he opted for voluntary redundancy from Cambridgeshire County Council but Stephen Moir is now returning as chief executive.  

Mr Moir was corporate director, people, policy and law at Cambridgeshire County Council until the job ended as part of a restructure. 


Mr Moir took voluntary redundancy following implementation of the council’s shared service arrangement with Northamptonshire County Council. 

Stephen Moir, new chief executive of Cambridgeshire County Council

Stephen Moir, new chief executive of Cambridgeshire County Council - Credit: CCC

He moved to other senior jobs in the public sector – most recently in Edinburgh – but has now won the top at Cambridgeshire to replace retiring chief executive Gillian Beasley.  

Mr Moir is enthusiastic about the public sector and public service.  

He once said: “I tried the private sector for a while and just didn’t get it. 

“Being part of a business that exists to create profit or increased shareholder returns just didn’t float my boat.” 

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Mr Moir will take up his new role in February.  

He is currently executive director of corporate services for the City of Edinburgh Council and his previous positions have included Chief People Officer at NHS England and Deputy Chief Executive at the Yorkshire Ambulance Service NHS Trust. 

 Cllr Lucy Nethsingha, Leader of Cambridgeshire County Council said: “We are pleased to announce, after a unanimous decision, that Stephen will join the county council. 

“I’d like to thank all the candidates who applied as it was a competitive field.” 

Cllr Nethsingha added: “It’s important we continue to have a close working relationship with Peterborough and Stephen will be pivotal to this.  

“We look forward to working with him on the future of shared roles and where services are helping to deliver strong outcomes for residents and communities, or resilience for the councils, shared services will continue to be an option.” 

Peterborough City Council is appointing a new chief executive after the job-sharing role with Cambridgeshire ends. However, some other senior posts remain as part of a shared service strategy.  

Cllr Elisa Meschini, Deputy Leader of Cambridgeshire County Council added: “What impressed us about Stephen was his commitment to the area and his in-depth knowledge of Cambridgeshire.  

“He understands the challenges we’re facing and wants to collaboratively work with our partners to deliver the best for our communities.  

Mr Moir said: “Cambridgeshire has not only a regional, but a national reputation.  

“It is a big county, with big ambitions and I’m looking forward to working with elected members, our partners, staff and trade unions to deliver these ambitions.” 

He said: “I’m also looking forward to working with the new chief executive of Peterborough City Council. 

“I’m also keen to work with the team in Cambridgeshire to respond to the challenges of climate change, address the need for sustainable finances and tackle inequalities, as we deliver essential services for the people and businesses of Cambridgeshire.”