Littleport tops poll for the lowest turnout in council elections

Ross Peers is where ballots are being counted

Ballot boxes being taken to Ross Sports Centre in Soham last night where verification took place to late in the night. The count begins this morning for all the East Cambs divisions on Cambridgeshire County Council. - Credit: ECDC

Littleport won the ‘honour’ of achieving the lowest turn-out of any division across East Cambridgeshire for yesterday’s local elections.  

With electors going to the polls in all eight divisions for seats on Cambridgeshire County Council, most of Littleport decided to stay at home.  

The turnout figure for Littleport, where David Ambrose Smith is defending his Conservative held seat, was just 23.5 per cent. 

That contrasts with Ely South division which, at 46.9 per cent, had the highest turnout. 

There are four candidates for Ely South – Green, Lib Dem, Lab and Conservative. 

This is the division previously held by Anna Bailey for the Conservatives, but she has stood down this year.  

Across the rest of East Cambs turnout was as follows: 

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Woodditton division, 38.3 per cent 

Sutton division, 37.9 per cent. 

Soham South and Haddenham division, 35.5 per cent. 

Ely North division, 41.9 per cent. 

Burwell division, 34 per cent. 

Soham North & Isleham division, 29.6 per cent. 

Votes were verified late last night and counting begins this morning.  

First results are expected by late morning. 

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