Littleport woman told two hours before her first shift at Sainsbury’s in Ely that she doesn’t have a job

Littleport woman Christie Hart, 20, told two hours before her first shift at Sainsbury’s in Ely tha

Littleport woman Christie Hart, 20, told two hours before her first shift at Sainsbury’s in Ely that she doesn’t have a job. Picture: SUPPLIED/GOOGLE EARTH - Credit: Archant

A distraught 20-year-old woman is jobless after being told two hours before her first shift at Sainsbury’s in Ely that she was no longer needed.

Christie Hart of Littleport, resigned from WHSmith's at after being offered a job in the food department at Sainsbury's.

She was due to start work at 1pm on January 8 but two hours before her world fell apart.

Nicole DeGraf, food services manager at the Ely store, told Christie the job offer was no longer there.

Nicole wrote: "I have been trying to set up everything for your first day but you have still not integrated into our system for me to get things ready for your induction.

"I called the recruitment team to find out why and they told me that you never accepted your job offer that they sent out on December 10; it was rescinded on December 23."

The email stunned Christie who insists she did accept the job and "I've got the email still here with me".

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She accused the store of reneging on a job offer "without any real explanation, or any desire to resolve my terrible predicament".

Christie released an email thread which shows that as far back as November 27 she wrote to Nicole telling her that "I've handed in my notice and I'm able to start on the 8th of January 2020. I hope that's alright? "

On January 2 Nicole wrote back to her saying that "I am looking forward to your start date on the 8 from 13:00-18:00. Please wear something comfortable as you will be in the office doing a digitally guided induction.

"Please can you remind me what size uniform you will need so that I can make sure to have it ready for you?"

But January 13 Nicole explained the store's position by email.

She said had the manager been aware Christie couldn't start till the New Year a job would not have been offered "as we were in need of people to start before Christmas.

"It was not until after I sent you the direct hire form to fill out that you returned it to me and told me that you would need to start January 8 in order to work your notice period at your other job.

"At the time I considered not extending you the offer, but decided that since it was a permanent position, not a temporary one and rather than posting the position and looking for another candidate

"I was not aware that you had not accepted your offer and was preparing for your first day and contacted the recruitment team. They informed me of the situation and asked if I would like to extend another job offer.

"We spoke on the phone the following day and I explained to you that due to you not accepting your job offer, it would mean another delay in your start date, so factoring that in, I informed you that I would not be extending you another offer.

The position was part-time, 23 hours a week and permanent to work in Sainsbury's restaurant and bakery.

Devastated Christie phoned her mum, Carmen, who is a support worker, as she was unable to understand what had happened.

"She called me in floods of tears," Carmen said.

"She is now out of work and considering signing on but that is her worst nightmare as she actually gave up a permanent job.

"Christie already struggles with depression and anxiety and this has made everything worse.

"It was meant to be a better job with a bit more pay and perfect for her to be able to pay for her car and phone contract.

"My children have always been taught to work for a living so be able to get what they want."

Christie also has scoliosis, a condition that affects the curvature of the spine.

Carmen, 42, added: "Her disability has never stopped her from working; she has been through a lot in life yet never complains and just gets on with it.

"This was just really bad policy and so disheartening for a young person."

The Ely Standard has contacted Sainsbury's press office for a formal comment.