Littleport man says “accidents will continue to happen” after car ends up in ditch leaving driver trapped at notorious Branch Bank/Padnal Bank road

Branch Bank, Littleport

Branch Bank, Littleport - Credit: Archant

A Littleport man has said “accidents will continue to happen” on the notorious Branch Bank/Padnal Bank road outisde his home after another car ended up in a ditch leaving a driver trapped this morning.

David Jermy, who was outside his house when he suddenly didn’t hear any traffic, has been campaigning to make the “dangerous stretch of road safer” for months.

“This is a clear demonstration that until a mandatory 40 miles per hour speed limit backed up by speed cameras is imposed along the whole length of this dangerous stretch of road, accidents will continue to happen bringing misery to the lives of those motorists involved,” he added, having seen 14 crashes in just 10 weeks around June this year.

“I call on the Highways Agency to conduct a complete and thorough investigation into the reasons as to why we see at least one accident a week along this dangerous stretch of road.”

Police were called to the crash at 7.30am and fire crews and the ambulance service also attended.

A Cambridgeshire Fire & Rescue Service spokesman said: “Crews from Littleport and Ely were called to a road traffic collision in Queen Adelaide Way.

“Firefighters used specialist cutting equipment to extricate a driver who was trapped in a car.

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“Crews returned to their stations by 8.42am.

“Ambulance crews also attended.”

A police spokesman said: “The road was closed at The Swan on the River pub and a vehicle was recovered.”

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