Littleport is the focus for a speeding crack down by police - drivers issued with a traffic offence report

East Cambridgeshire police carried out a clamp down on speeding in Littleport on Saturday February 2

East Cambridgeshire police carried out a clamp down on speeding in Littleport on Saturday February 25 - those found exceeding the limit were issued with penalty notices like this one. - Credit: Archant

Littleport roads were the focus for a crackdown on speeding drivers at the weekend.

Special Constables Howard and Gillibrand lead the efforts in the village on Saturday.

One driver was issued with a traffic offence report (TOR) for driving at 37MPH along Ely Road not long after the clamp down began.

The driver in question will be contacted and offered the chance to either accept a penalty or attend Magistrates Court.

Some drivers will be offered the opportunity to engage in a driver improvement scheme.

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Special Constable Tom Howard has said: “We’ve been invited to pay some specific attention to particular areas of Littleport by Littleport Parish Council.

“The work that we are doing here builds on the information and evidence that is furnished to us by volunteers in our local Speed Watch group.

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“There is a strong and very healthy campaign for road safety in Littleport, and we’re very pleased to support that work as it continues.”

A collision with a pedestrian at 30MPH leaves the pedestrian with a 50/50 chance of survival. In many cases even survival results in life long, and life altering injuries.

At 40MPH the likelihood of survival is only 10% and collisions above 40MPH make survival extremely unlikely.

If you would like to know how Speed Watch can support road safety in your community, please contact us via a private message here, or call 101.

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