Socially distanced virtual parkrun fundraiser is a success

Littleport Parkrunners linked up with Ely Parkrunners for the annual Cambridge Town and Gown 10k! - not in Cambridge, but Ely.

Because of the pandemic the Cambridge organisers decided to make this year’s event virtual in a location convenient to its registered participants.

And all the entrants who completed the run will be sent a medal in the post by the end of October.

Keen Littleport parkrunner Jo White mapped a 10k course that looped round the city starting and finishing in the same place.

She also rallied other parkrunners who had registered from both Littleport and Ely for this fundraiser for Muscular Dystrophy.

The run started outside Costa Coffee in the Ely Leisure Park for the 11 doughty running buddies facing the A10 underpass.

They were set off in three socially distanced groups two minutes apart by retired NISA international starter for ice speed skating races and current enthusiastic parkrun supporter Lyn Gibb de Swarte.

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The runners were Jo White, Cathy Gibb-de Swarte, Andrea Sullivan, Donna Leonne, Wendy Georgina Johnson, Naomi McCombie, Tali Iserles, Nicola Peck, Nina Bayes and Helen Crisp. Many are members of the Lonely Goat Running Club affiliated to England Athletics.

They all completed the run in similar times, having been cheered on along the route, and enjoyed their refreshments afterwards in the coffee shop.