Plea for witnesses after Branching Out charity shop in Littleport is broken into overnight

Plea for witnesses after Branching Out charity shop in Littleport is broken into overnight. Picture:

Plea for witnesses after Branching Out charity shop in Littleport is broken into overnight. Picture: GOOGLE MAPS. - Credit: Archant

The general manager of Branching Out charity shop in Littleport has put out a plea for witnesses after the shop was burgled overnight.

Susan Wiggans said she will be reviewing the shop's security and put out a message on social media, pleading with would-be burglars to "think about the effect you are having on everyone".

It's not the first time the charity shop has been broken into, after thieves were caught trying on clothes and rummaging through rubbish bins in September 2016.

In a post to the Littleport Notice Board Facebook page, she said: "Disappointedly I am writing the let you know that there was a burglary at the charity shop last night.

"We are waiting for a crime number from the police, however if you witnessed anything please let the police know via 101.

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"On behalf of the hardworking charity shop staff, volunteers and all the other charity volunteers, staff and the people we support and their families I would like to say a few things.

"To the community, that benefits in so many different ways from all the hard work that the charity and the people with learning disabilities we support, please support our work to prevent this happening again by report any suspicious behaviour around our charity shop in the evenings to 101.

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"Unfortunately I can not comment about the security of the charity shop for obvious reasons; however we will be reviewing it again after last night.

"To the people who did this (and I have no doubt you will be reading this). You may feel you have the right to be angry with the world and I am sure you have your reasons for that.

"However I know that stealing from a small charity for people with learning disabilities and the expense you have caused via the damage will only go to make you feel even more bad about yourselves.

"You, and only you can turn your life around. Think about what you want to achieve in your life and plan for how you are going to do that, I am sure you do not want to live your life the way you are doing.

"If you make an effort to turn your life around somewhere along the way that effort will be recognised and supported, just don't expect it to happen overnight as it doesn't do that for anyone.

"It takes commitment and hard work but you will get to where you want to be, make a change now and stick to it before you end up in serious trouble.

"Please do not continue to target our charity shop, think about the effect you are having on everyone at Branching Out."

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