Little things mums take for granted like baby wipes and nappy cream are items that refugee women do not have. Plea for help comes from Soham charity

Soham-based Carriers for Kos is appealing for baby box items and donations

Soham-based Carriers for Kos is appealing for baby box items and donations - Credit: Archant

A mum of two is appealing for help to build baby boxes of essential items for expectant mums who are fleeing war torn countries with nothing to help prepare for birth.

Lora and Rob Elton with their children Taylor and Imogen

Lora and Rob Elton with their children Taylor and Imogen - Credit: Archant

Lora Elton set up Soham Carriers for Kos (C4K) last year as a small charity with a few other local mums and after posting on Facebook received huge national support and coverage.

Since then it has grown massively with shipments of baby carriers sent to camps on Chios, Samos, near Athens and into Syria itself.

Now, the charity is appealing for help putting together baby boxes containing a blanket, two babygros (one newborn and one 0-3 months) one sleepsuit, one jumbo box of nappies, two packs of wipes, two packs of maternity pads, nappy bags, 125g Sudocrem and a carrier.

Lora said: “One in 10 women attempting to travel to safety are pregnant, and often alone. These women have next to nothing to prepare them for the arrival of their babies and it is our aim with our new project to provide them with essential items for the first crucial weeks after birth.

“We’re raising money for nappies, wipes, pads and nappy cream. All the little things that we take for granted when we have a baby but that are in incredibly short supply in the refugee camps.

“It is our hope to reach as many mothers as we can with the resources that we have.

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“This entire project is funded by donations so without them we can’t continue.

“The need is so great and it’s not going away anytime soon, this is a real and tangible way to make a positive difference to someone’s life.”

The Soham charity first put out an appeal last year for baby carriers and slings to send to refugee families fleeing war with babies and small children and no way of carrying them long distances.

Lora said: “The response was phenomenal and it became clear very quickly that our small project was going to turn into something much bigger than we had anticipated.”

The idea spread quickly and they joined a network of aid organisers who helped ensure shipments got to the correct places.

Lora works closely with CARE UK who send regular containers of supplies from their base in Warrington.

“Along the way we have learned about all the different aspects of the refugee crisis, all the different people involved and the scope of need they are in, she said.

• To donate blankets and clothes look for Facebook group c4K – Refugee Baby Boxes or contact Rebekah at

• To fund raise for bulk supplies, packing and shipping visit their page at Crowdfunder