Little Thetford Acorns Pre-School focuses on nature with forest school sessions and new logo

Little Thetford Acorns Forest School bark rubbing.

Little Thetford Acorns Forest School bark rubbing. - Credit: Archant

Little Thetford Acorns Pre-School is now offering forest school sessions and has a new logo.

Zoe Corley, manager, said: “We have decided to focus more on working with and learning about nature.

“Our new logo is a representation of our garden’s native oak tree, which, according to myth, is ‘the most giving and loving tree’.

“This links in with the new Forest School sessions that started in January. Every Monday morning, a small group of children (aged three and over) leave pre-school to experience the fun of the forest in a local woodland in the centre of the village.

“Forest School sessions don’t stop in the woodland, though”, Zoe added.

“We are lucky enough to have a spacious garden and sensory garden where the children can run, play, build dens, create woodland art, whittle sticks and learn about nature, so all our children can have access to it.”

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