Lights out for Little Downham Rainbows as they celebrate WWF’s Earth Hour

1st Little Downham Rainbows

1st Little Downham Rainbows - Credit: Archant

The girls will be taking part in the global symbolic moment to help highlight issues affecting the planet.

In the lead up to WWF’s Earth Hour at 8.30pm on Saturday March 19 1st Little Downham Rainbows will be:

Storytelling in the dark, hosting lights out meetings with fun activities and games in the dark and inspiring their friends and ofat 1st Little Downham Rainbows, said: “We are proud to take part in WWF’s Earth Hour and our members are excited to be involved with such a great and inspiring event. Everyone can make a difference in protecting our planet and young people have a key role to play. Of course there’s a serious message here, but our members will also have lots of fun as they help WWF raise awareness of the issues our planet is facing.”

Cherry Duggan, head of schools and youth at WWF-UK, said: “It’s great to see so many young people celebrating Earth Hour. We’re delighted that 1st Little Downham Rainbows is taking part and hope that they’ll inspire many other youth groups to get involved. WWF’s Earth Hour is more than just a symbolic hour of darkness. It’s a chance for people, both young and old, to come together and send out a global message about protecting our planet.”

Over the last decade, WWF’s Earth Hour’s unique display of darkness has become a global phenomenon with hundreds of millions of individuals coming together each year.

In 2015, a record-breaking 172 countries and some of world’s most famous buildings including Big Ben, Hong Kong’s skyline and the Sydney Harbour Bridge joined the global celebration.

In the UK alone, over 10 million people took part, along with over 500 youth groups, 4,800 schools, 200 landmarks and thousands of businesses and organisations.

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Everyone can join the celebration for WWF’s Earth Hour. For more information and to sign up visit