Lib Dems announced candidate to fight for North East Cambridgeshire seat

Lucy Netsingha

Lucy Netsingha - Credit: Archant

Lucy Netinsgha is set to stand for the North East Cambridgeshire seat in the 2015 general election, representing the Liberal Democrats.

Ms Netsingha will look to overturn the incumbent MP, Conservative Stephen Barclay, though is realistic about her chances.

She said: “One reason for standing is so North East people have a genuine alternative to UKIP and the Conservatives.

“I am hopeful of winning, but I really want people to feel they have a good choice of candidates to represent them. Through my work in the county I have a good knowledge and understanding of the issues facing the area.”

Ms Netsingha has been on Cambridgeshire County Council for more than five years, and is the current deputy leader of the Lib Dem group.

She said: “I sit on the county council health and well-being board, and the health of residents for North East Cambs is worse than rest of the county and it should not be.

“One important Liberal Democract policy concerning this is making mental health as important and well-funded as physical health”.

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The Liberal Democrat candidate also argues that her knowledge from work as a primary school teacher at St John’s College School would be “valuable in making good education and schools a big priority”.