LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Dismay at people using sandwich boards in Ely to advertise Domino’s Pizza

Dominoes Pizza adverts

Dominoes Pizza adverts - Credit: Archant

I AM writing to register my dismay at the people advertising Domino’s Pizza around Ely using sandwich boards.

Dominoes Pizza adverts

Dominoes Pizza adverts - Credit: Archant

Yesterday there was a lady at the junction of Tower Road and Cambridge Road for at least six hours, on a hot day and with very little shade.

I asked her if she had any water but she didn’t understand my question. There were also several Domino’s employees wearing sandwich boards in the town centre.

Not only is it dehumanising and humiliating for employees to be used like this as human adverts, it’s also simply incompatible with the flavour and style of Ely.

Advertising by-laws should not be circumvented in this manner. This type of advertising is completely unacceptable and is not appropriate in Ely.



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