LETTER: Our lives have been made miserable by noise and dust

I can think of several reasons why this should not be granted but in the past when plans have been submitted I have been told that my comments have been noted, but apparently they have been completely ignored.

Our home life has been made miserable by noise and dust created by this company.

This site, in my opinion, should never have been passed for this type of heavy industry in the first place so close to residential property.

The owners, FP McCann, have only themselves in mind not the surrounding area.

It does not matter which side of the site you look at it from - it is unsightly, from the A10, A1101 or Mare Fen Drove, the boundaries are not maintained or fenced as agreed when planning was first granted for the original site.

It looks like a dumping ground for old moulds and machinery.

Since when has this been good for the promotion of this area? Whilst I am all for industry and producing employment, is this a good example to set?

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Surely before any further plans are granted the original site needs to be brought in line to look like how it was presented on paper in the first place.

If this application is to go ahead it would be in the interest of the local community to bund and landscape all sides and the side of the old site before any other construction is allowed to take place or once again it will just be a bigger mess than we have at the moment.

It appears that FP McCann are more concerned with product out of the gate rather than presentation of the premises.