LETTER: Don’t miss your chance to have a say on proposals to close level crossings

It has come to my notice that Network Rail has made proposals on some of their level crossings that have Public Rights of Way(PROW’s) across them in Ely, Littleport, Little Downham and Queen Adelaide.

The total number that are proposed for closure is 17 with a possibility of a further three also in those areas mentioned.

These footpaths, byways and bridleways are (legal highways) that are used by horse riders/carriage drivers, dog walkers, off road cyclists, runners, vehicles and farmers.

If the connectivity from one side to the other side of the Right of Way across the level crossing is not maintained, then these long routes that interlock with other routes will be lost.

It should not matter how many use these routes or which user groups use these crossings the most, these routes have been there, way before the railway line arrived in the 1840s.

However, I do recognise that some of these level crossings may pose some risk to users. But in the same breath, does using those crossing pose more of a risk to some of those user groups using main road Highways?

It is important that those interested user groups, who use or have used these PROWs over those named level crossings, give feedback to Network Rail.

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Whether your feedback is to maintain connectivity or an alternative option now is the time to put them forward.

The Feedback survey www.networkrail.co.uk/anglialevelcrossings. Telephone 03457114141 or Email anglialevelcrossings@networkrail.co.uk

First public survey is from June 8 and closes June 29. The second round of public consultation on the preferred option for each level crossing will take place in August/September 2016.

All interested user groups should also contact their associated society bodies as it should as much be in their interest as it is to yourselves, as nothing in Network Rail proposals as I am aware, have indicated that those bodies have been consulted as a necessary course of action.

If you want to do your own research, the Cambridgeshire County Council website interactive map on (Public Rights of Ways) PROWs) can pinpoint these proposal closure level crossings on the relevant Rights of Way numbers.


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