LETTER: Dogs welcome in Ely stores is big news on social media

The subject of dogs being allowed in Ely stores has been the main topic hotly debated on social media including the Littleport Notice Board Facebook page.

The very excitable discussion was as a result of someone posting that the Wilko store in Ely now allows well behaved dogs into their store. They have a sign in the window.

As a result of reading and taking part in the discussion I have now opened a public Facebook group where we list dog friendly places in and around Ely. The group is called: Fb/Dogfriendlyplacesinely&surroundingvillages

The group is gaining members by the hour.

The aim of the group is to promote and update a list of dog friendly places in the locality.

I would love for more people to join and to share names and places.

So far we have Nero’s cafe who was added by a member who said that they will even give a dog bowl out with water if asked.

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Also on list: Wilko, Fat Face, The White Stuff, Travel Lodge and the Lamb Hotel.

I would also love to get some recognisable window stickers done for shops to display with the name of our Facebook group and also saying that they welcome dogs. Easily recognised by dog owners and customers.

If anyone could help with printing of stickers or maybe the shops named could help?


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