LETTER: ‘Disappointed’ over bishop’s comments on EU

May I express my disappointment that once again another member of the UK’s privileged and wealthy society is given headline space on a local newspaper to espouse their preference for the electorate to remain part of the EU.

Furthermore the paper provides rationale for encouraging this front page comment stating “He has a right like anyone else to express an opinion” which is true, unless of course you are a civil servant who have been categorically informed they will face disciplinary action if vote leave issues are expressed publicly in any way.

His arguments for staying imply that 70 years of peace in Europe is the benefit of institutions, presumably like the EU.

This despite the fact the EU has existed only a fraction of the time with the main reason Europe remained peaceful was due to institutions like NATO (funded mainly by the USA).

Institutions charged with tackling global poverty and mass migration surely sits with the United Nations and G20 countries as the EU has frequently failed to deliver unity on issues that affect member states differently.

The EU was always a fair weather policy that benefited the few rather than the many. I find it rather ironic that an unelected leader of an irrelevant and largely ignored institute (that could be argued has preyed on the anxious, vulnerable and paranoid for centuries) should some way attempt to publicly influence the hard working, open minded electorate to vote and keep (and subsequently fund) another irrelevant and largely ignored institute.

Why are not genuine public servants provided an equal space to articulate their views: teachers, police officers, nurses, doctors, members of the armed forces? - Oh that’s right, they’re not allowed to! I wonder why.....Perhaps the truth would hurt the wealthy minority’s arguments.

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