LETTER: ‘Bishop Stephen (and you and I) are quite free to say how they plan to vote’

Father Alexander Lucie-Smith seems to have over-simplified the Church of England’s position on the EU referendum.

While the Church of England has not taken a ‘corporate’ position on the issue, individuals such as Bishop Stephen (and you and I) are quite free to say how they plan to vote on June 23 and why they intend to do so. Notwithstanding the cascade of shameless half-truths from both sides of the argument, the Church recognises that there are genuine merits to be put forward for both positions, ‘remain’ and ‘leave’. It has therefore urged Christians to weigh the arguments carefully and prayerfully. That is not neutrality: it is morality.

As to speculation about who did not sign the letter to The Observer, it is just that. Might it not equally be that those who signed the letter were the only people who were invited to do so?


Interim Communications Director

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