Latest MPs expenses published

THE latest tranche of MPs expenses were made public this week.

More than 25,000 claims were submitted by MPs during the last two months of 2010, with �3.2million paid out by the recently-formed �Independent Parliamentary Standards Authority, which oversees the expenses system.

Claims from South East �Cambridgeshire MP James Paice, and his North East �Cambridgeshire colleague Stephen Barclay, made up �6,550.95 of the claims.

Mr Barclay claimed �6,228.55 �during November and �December, down from the �10,669.84 he claimed between May and August last year.

Among his claims were �2,900 in rent, �120 for electricity bills, �183.30 for stationery, �337.38 for advertising and �1079.83 for a new scanner.

Mr Barclay also claimed a total of �639.58 in travel expenses, which included a claim of �3.04 for a journey of 7.6 miles between Chatteris and March.

South East Cambridgeshire MP James Paice claimed �332.40 during the two-month period, all for travel expenses.

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The biggest claim was for �44.40 for a trip of 111 miles with the lowest claim coming in at �8 for a journey of 20 miles.

The highest total paid to any MP was �14,105 to Bournemouth East Conservative Tobias Ellwood, with Labour’s MP for Bolton North East David Crausby next on the list with a claim of �14,091.

The smallest total payment among the MPs was �14.03 to Conservative MP for �Stourbridge, Margot James, although 66 MPs received no payments at all.

According to the standards authority, �9,998 of claims �submitted by 44 MPs were refused during the November-December period.