Land ahoy! Ely nursery pupils build their own boat

King's Ely Acremonet pupils with their boat

King's Ely Acremonet pupils with their boat - Credit: Archant

PUPILS at King’s Ely Acremont are building a full scale wooden boat for their playground.

The children, aged between two and four, came up with the idea when planning the term’s project on materials.

When one of the children suggested building a boat from wood, the staff initially visualised something smaller. But when another child suggested making pirate hats to wear in the boat, they soon realised that what the children really wanted was a full-sized boat to play in.

Head of King’s Nursery, Marian Brogan, said: “We found a boat kit online that uses cable ties to join the wooden pieces together, which is perfect for the children. When the kit arrived in half term, the children set about laying out and checking off the pieces, using the instruction diagram as a guide, which helped them with their counting and planning skills.”