Knives and glass putting bin men in danger, council says

BIN men in East Cambridgeshire have been left with nasty injuries caused by broken glass and knives left in rubbish sacks.

Over the last month, the council says that a number of bin men have received injuries after broken glass and knives were placed in black refuse sacks without being wrapped up

Now, the authority is asking residents to be careful how they dispose of broken and sharp objects to prevent more serious injuries occurring.

Councillor Richard Hobbs, chairman of the Community and Environment Sub-Committee, said: “In the last two weeks there have been reports of broken glass and even knives left out in rubbish without being suitably wrapped in newspaper. This is simply not acceptable and we have been very lucky that the injuries to the bin men have only been minor and not far more serious.

“Our bin-men do a very difficult job in all weathers and the very least they deserve is to have rubbish and recycling left out in such a way that minimises any risk.”

Should anyone need to throw away broken glass or anything sharp – the council advises that it should be well wrapped in newspaper, put in a plastic bag and put safely into their black sack. Alternatively the objects can be taken to the recycling centre at Grunty Fen where they can be disposed off.

Should anyone require information on what can be recycled call the council direct on 01353 665555, e-mail