Jubilee Wall will be a legacy for Haddenham

THE deputy Lord Lieutenant of Cambridgeshire officially unveiled a Diamond Jubilee wall at the Robert Arkenstall School in Haddenham this week.

Made up of more than 400 individually designed and fired tiles, the wall marks 60 years of the Queen’s reign and was put together by pupils at the school, who were thanked for the efforts on behalf of the monarch by Michael Williamson.

Costing about �7,000, the funding for the wall has been provided by Haddenham Charities and Haddenham Galleries.

The organisers have painstakingly recorded and catalogued everyone who designed a tile and a record will now be entered into the village archives as a testament of the work.

Alastair Hull, from Haddenham Galleries, said: “It was a major undertaking and something everyone in the village can be proud of. We also had a lot of sponsorship from local businesses who helped make it possible.”