Joanna puts her best foot forward with shoe-nique new venture

Shoe Designer Joanna Branson, at her home in Stretham.

Shoe Designer Joanna Branson, at her home in Stretham. - Credit: Archant

A teacher from Stretham is setting out to prove that imagination is no barrier when it comes to shoes by launching a unique new venture.

Joanna Branson made her first steps into the world of shoe design while on maternity leave last year, deciding to use some of her free time to combine her love of art and shoes.

She admits that it has been a steep learning curve along the way but she enjoys seeing her designs come to life and launched an online shop in April, called Shoenique – Life is too Short for Boring Shoes.

She is a primary school teacher in Cottenham by day but still finds time to work on her orders while being a mum to a two-year-old child.

She said: “I have always loved shoes and I love art so I decided to combine them to see if it could work. I have had to learn a lot as I have gone but I have enjoyed it and I have managed not to ruin a pair of shoes so far!”

Mrs Branson says that her own collection of shoes only numbers “about 50 pairs” but used to be more until a “recent cull”.

Her favourite designs have included some shoes inspired by Mary Poppins and she has also created an agricultural-themed pair requested by a male client for his girlfriend.

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“About 50 per cent of my orders are for bridal shoes and bridesmaids but I also do men’s shoes and trainers, depending on the material,” she added.