Letter: 'How Labour will take Britain forward to a fairer and stronger future'

South-east Cambridgeshire Labour's James Bull outlines how Keir Starmer will take Britain forward.

South-east Cambridgeshire Labour's James Bull outlines how Keir Starmer will take Britain forward. - Credit: SOUTH EAST CAMBS LABOUR WEBSITE

We need Labour

Keir Starmer has set out how Labour will take Britain forward to a fairer and stronger future through a partnership with business. 

The first step on that path is a budget that secures the recovery by enhancing the keys to growth: families and businesses. 

1) Launch a new British Recovery Bond. Enabling British people to save with a good return while contributing to the country’s economic recovery. 

2) 100,000 start-ups Small businesses are at the heart of communities. The East of England has one of the highest numbers of businesses. Thanks to our strong entrepreneurial spirit. 

Even the best ideas can struggle to get going as a business. It’s a sad fact that business “births” runs only slightly above business “deaths”. Extra funds can make a huge difference. 

Labour will increase support available to help create 100,000 start-ups and hundreds of thousands of high-skills, high-wage jobs over the next five years. 

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I welcome Keir Starmer’s announcements. These policies will move us towards a fairer, more prosperous future and an economy that works for everyone. 

Coming out of Covid isn’t one easy fix. But we’re clear that we don’t want to go back to the old ways.

The policies and austerity that saw Britain hit really hard from the pandemic. 

The future is about embracing changes in science, technology and work.

That’s the path Keir Starmer and Labour will take to begin a new chapter for our country. 

Nearby Cambridge is one of the most unequal cities in the country and we now see that inequality spilling over to the rest of Cambridgeshire.

Many local families have told us of their struggles through Covid. There’s been job losses and businesses excluded from help across the county. 

We need a Government focused on creating decent jobs, with decent wages.

To help Britain prosper. To tackle the deep injustices and inequalities. So, the whole country can thrive. We need Labour. 

JAMES BULL, south east Cambridgeshire Labour