Stunning drone photo captures Ely Cathedral at sunset

James Billings captured this stunning photo of Ely Cathedral at sunset using a drone camera. 

Ely Photographic Club member James Billings captured this stunning photo of Ely Cathedral at sunset using a drone camera. - Credit: JAMES BILLINGS

A member of Ely Photographic Club has shared a stunning sunset photo of Ely Cathedral from above that he captured using a drone camera. 

James Billings, who describes himself as an enthusiastic photographer for many years now, said: "I am always on the lookout for new views of our cathedral."

So when he received a drone as a long-service gift from his employer, testing it out with some pictures of Ely Cathedral "seemed to be a good idea. 

James Billings is a member of Ely Photographic Club

James Billings is a member of Ely Photographic Club - Credit: JAMES BILLINGS

"In the middle of summer, the sun sets in the northwest, so I captured this image of the subtle colours in the sky after the sun had gone down below the horizon.

"The camera on the drone is nowhere near as versatile as my main camera (it's more akin to a decent mobile-phone).

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"So I used a technique known as HDR where several exposures at different brightnesses are blended together to give the final result."

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