Isle Singers all smiles as they get to grips with virtual technology

Isle Singers first virtual meeting: Terry Robinson, Rosemary Westwell (choir director), Sue Read, Wendy Powell and Sukie...

Some of The Isle Singers having their first virtual meeting using Zoom technology, from left: Terry Robinson, Rosemary Westwell (choir director), Sue Read, Wendy Powell and Sukie Rix. - Credit: ROSEMARY WESTWELL

In 1976 a small group of enthusiastic ladies formed a choir - The Isle Singers.

Singing is their joy and they meet every week to sing. 

Some 44 years later, they are still singing, whatever the circumstances.  

A few years after forming, the group found themselves singing in Sutton church to represent a church choir when Sutton church did not have one. 

More recently, Covid-19 restrictions meant they could not sing, so they sang a special Advent service for St. Andrew’s Church in Witchford when singing in church was permitted.  

'Sheep in Snow' painting is by Isle Singers member Sue Marsden

'Sheep in Snow' painting is by Isle Singers member Sue Marsden - Credit: SUE MARSDEN

Then Covid-19 restricted the singing further and although the average age of these determined singers is about 70 (although some of the younger members may argue about this) they were still determined to sing, whatever it takes. 

Many of the group are not familiar with the daily use of mobile phones, laptops, iPhones and computers - certainly not as much as the younger generations. But they are determined.  

Most Read

A special technology meeting was set up. One of the members, Wendy Powell, firmly supported by her family, was delegated as technology advisor and the choir is in the process of preparing songs to be used in a special video for Easter. 

The video is to be made by Wendy’s grandson, Jasper.  Members have mastered the use of zoom and regularly rehearse this way. 

Now they will be recording their separate voices to be put together in a video of an Easter service of songs and readings. 

It will also feature pictures, many of which will be provided by these eager singers.  

Watch this space or Facebook and/or Youtube for an Easter Service video featuring these intrepid singers at the beginning of April.