International rivals at Witchford College

Witchford College students

Witchford College students - Credit: Archant

As part of the German sports exchange event between Hannah Arendt Gymnasium and Witchford Village College, football took place between two six-a-side teams from Year 9 of both schools.

Witchford College students

Witchford College students - Credit: Archant

The German team dominated from the outset with two goals in quick succession, the second goal was a powerful strike from a German forward, the ball was hit on the volley with a nice lay up from inside the box.

Now the Germans had a clear lead, although they weren’t happy to get complacent and at the end of the first half the Hannah Arendt Gymnasium team was up 5-0.

The second half proved to be much of the same with more goals from the lead strikers in the HAG squad, although surprise was on the pitch after the goalkeeper from Witchford got the ball, took it all the way up the pitch and fired a shot into the back of the net, stunning the Hannah Arendt team. This led to a change of positions that meant that the goalie was swapped before the end of the match.

Even with the old goalkeeper up front though the Witchford team managed to not get another goal and conceded some as well with the final score being 11-1 to the Hannah Arendt team.

The girls’ basketball match between Year 9 students from Witchford VC and Hannah Arendt Gymnasium also took place on this day.

The games started promisingly, with Witchford’s score rising steadily, however Hannah Ardent soon overtook by the end of the first quarter. Each team supported each other and remained positive throughout the game with their signature chants.

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The games were led by Thomas Smith and Alex Needham, who were both previous year 11 students. The teams also received advice from their respective teachers.

During the second quarter, the German team managed to shine above the Witchford team, despite their valiant efforts, even though the girls worked hard and scored most of their attempted baskets, Hannah Arendt kept possession of the ball most of this quarter.

This led on to the other quarters being led by the Hannah Arendt side as well, but Witchford were still holding on with less baskets but the same determination. At the end of the match the score was 30-16 to Hannah Arendt.