Inspectors call for improvements at residential home

Lily House Care Home in Ely

Lily House Care Home in Ely - Credit: Archant

The owners of a residential home in Ely have been ordered to make improvements by the Care Quality Commission.

Inspectors identified several areas where Adiemus Care, which runs Lily House, in Lynn Road, was found to be wanting, including protecting the rights of residents and putting people at risk of inappropriate care.

The commission said that Lily House was a safe environment for residents and praised staff for their knowledge but added that breaches of the Health and Social Care Act had been identified.

In its report, the commission said: “People’s care records demonstrated that there was an ineffective system in place to assess people’s capacity to make formal decisions about their support and care or to gain their consent.

“A person’s mental capacity had not been assessed to confirm that monitoring equipment was provided in their best interest or, if they had mental capacity, that they had agreed to this method of surveillance.

In addition, we found no evidence to tell us if formal consent had been obtained for the frequent checking of another person’s whereabouts.”

And the inspectors were also critical of some risk assessment, which were not reviewed consistently.

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The report said: Risk assessments also were not consistently reviewed. These included those for people at risk of falls and risks of developing pressure ulcers.

“Therefore, we were not confident that members of staff had up-to-date guidance in

relation to people’s needs and risks.”

But there was also praise for the level of care provided by staff, with the commission noting: “People, including relatives and a health care professional, said that they had confidence in members of staff abilities to be able to meet people’ s individual needs. “We saw good examples of how staff understood people’ s individual communication needs. This included providing people, who were living with dementia, with information in the way that they were able to understand as this was in short sentences.”

Adiemus has a month to produce a report for the commission detailing how it intends to make the necessary improvements.