LETTER: Fancy a trip to the Imperial War Museum?

Members of the City of Ely branch of the Royal British Legion. Picture: SUBMITTED.

Members of the City of Ely branch of the Royal British Legion. Picture: SUBMITTED. - Credit: Archant

The City of Ely Royal British Legion is planning a trip to visit the Imperial War Museum, London on March 24.

The IWM London collection tells the human stories of lives engulfed in war and show how conflict has shaped the world in which we all live.

The museum was founded in the midst of the First World War with a mission to preserve and tell the stories of all kinds of people, not only from Britain but from the countries of its empire.

It has continued this work right up to present day conflict, covering 100 years of experience throughout the Commonwealth.

Alongside the usual collections of exhibits, there are a number of other current exhibitions and tours including:

Moments of Silence - An innovative and immersive installation exploring the origins, history and future of remembrance rituals.

African Soldier - A multimedia installation remembering the millions of Africans and people of colour from across the globe who fought and took part in the First World War.

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‘From Empire to Armistice’ Tour - discover the stories behind some of the incredible objects in the First World War Galleries. Find out why the war began, how it was fought, and why it lasted so long.

I was there: Room of Voices - Using recordings from the IWM Sound Archive that have never been exhibited before, this is a chance to explore the moment that marks the boundary between war and peace and its immediate aftermath.

It brings together personal testimonies from people who in 1918 were soldiers, civilians or children, who all had different reactions to the end of the First World War.

From the solemn to the celebratory – and discover how this moment was imprinted on the lives of an entire generation.

Making A New World – This explores how the First World War has shaped the society we live in today through a programme of free exhibitions, alongside immersive live music, performance and public debates.

The trip departs from Ely at 9am on Sunday March 24 - anyone wishing to attend or requiring further details, must contact the Verity Baker by no later than Monday March 4 on 07810 714045.