Iconic tree on Ely’s Palace Green to undergo life saving surgery

AN iconic tree on Ely’s historic Palace Green is about to life saving surgery, to save it for future generations, and to ensure the safety of visitors who use the area.

The mature sycamore beside the boundary wall of The Old Palace has begun to die off, so tree surgeons will be brought in to remove the central dead section and some dead branches.

Cathy White, senior trees officer at East Cambridgeshire District Council, said: “The mature sycamore on Palace Green has developed an iconic status as it frames our view of the magnificent Cathedral.

“Unfortunately over recent years, we have noticed a growing number of dead areas within the tree’s canopy and structure which now require urgent work in order to save the tree.

“It is always a great shame to carry out such extensive work on any tree, especially as the surgery required will reduce the size of the tree and will have significant visual impact on the sycamore.

“Unfortunately this is unavoidable if we are to save the tree for the future. We will continue to monitor the vigour and condition of the tree after the work has been completed as we aim to retain this mature tree in the Palace Green for as long as safely possible.”

The tree work will be carried out from December 14, by qualified consultants who have been employed by the council, which is responsible for the management of the trees on Place Green and Steeple Row, Ely.

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