Iceland thought they had the trolley shelter that time forgot - but then along came enforcement officers

Trolley store at Iceland, Ely

Trolley store at Iceland, Ely - Credit: Archant

It was the trolley shelter that time forgot.

Iceland, however, was reminded it had been put outside their store in the Cloisters without consent after being spotted by enforcement officers from East Cambridgeshire District Council.

A retrospective application was called for – and agreed- but not before conservationists described it as “not the most attractive piece of street furniture”.

The comment was contained in a statement from the council’s conservation officer Lorraine Brown when asked to evaluate the shelter.

But she did agree the shelter was set back close to the store entrance and in a recessed area adjoining a neighbouring store.

“As this part of the conservation area is a modern shopping area, the impact on the character and appearance is minimal”, said Ms Brown. There were, she said, “no objections from a conservation viewpoint”.

Planning officer Jon Pavey-Smith said the centre was built some 16 years ago but did not specify if this was when the shelter was erected.

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He agreed the shelter “is relatively small in nature” and does not fundamentally alter the area.