Ian thanks Ely Carers Hub and Carers Trust Cambridgeshire for their support

Ian and Janet Hitch

Ian and Janet Hitch - Credit: Archant

An Ely man who is the primary carer for his 83-year-old mother has thanked Ely Carers Hub and Carers Trust Cambridgeshire for their support.

Ely carer Ian Hitch

Ely carer Ian Hitch - Credit: Archant

Ian Hitch, who lives with his mum Janet, says he constantly worries about her safety, and that he doesn’t feel comfortable leaving her alone.

Thanks to the Trust, Ian was awarded £250 following a carer’s assessment by his dementia support worker. He used the money to buy a bicycle.

He said: ““I really enjoyed the Ely Carers Hub that mum and I went to when it launched in March.

“It was a real eye-opener learning about what help is out there and I got a few tips.

“I also enjoyed meeting other carers and mum enjoyed doing the flower arranging. I will go again whenever I can.”

Janet, who used to run Sutton library, said: “I know I must be irritating at times. I would get irritated if someone kept asking me the same questions. I get frustrated too. I always used to be in charge of things. I ran the library for years and knew every book on the shelf.”

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Her diagnosis came as “a bolt out of the blue,” added Ian.

“She was admitted to Addenbrooke’s Hospital about two years ago with a urinary tract infection and her confusion was noticed by staff who gave her a memory test which indicated she had problems.”

Janet then saw her GP who made referrals to the Adult Mental Health team. They then referred her to the Alzheimer’s Society, Medicines Management Service and occupational therapy. The fire brigade also checked out her house for safety.

Ian said: “She has worsening memory problems but can still manage to do daily tasks such as washing, cleaning and dressing herself.

“She has noticed her limitations herself, unable to have a bath but showering instead and no longer being able to cook meals from scratch, opting for quick dishes that can be put in the oven.

“I make sure mum is alright, that her diary is straight and sort out her muddles. I make sure everything is switched off, like the cooker and oven and that gives me peace of mind knowing she is safe.

“Being a carer has changed my life significantly because I have put my mother’s life firsts. You change without thinking when you love someone.”