‘I’m just gobsmacked I’m still alive’ - Littleport mum thanks passer-by who stayed with her and emergency services teams after serious crash which left her with a broken back and neck

Sophie, recovering in bed, with her son James.

Sophie, recovering in bed, with her son James. - Credit: Archant

A Littleport mum who suffered serious injuries after her car ended up wrapped around a tree in a ditch is thanking the one passer-by and 30 emergency service-people who helped keep her alive.

Sophie, Michael and James.

Sophie, Michael and James. - Credit: Archant

Sophie Davison, who works as a self-employed beautician, left her house on Saturday afternoon to go to Argos to pick up some shelves. Little did she know her whole life would be changed, when her car skidded on diesel and left Ely Road, requiring the help of 15 emergency vehicles and leaving her with a broken back and neck.

“I was only doing 40 miles per hour in a 60 because of the rain,” she said.

“Police believe I skidded on diesel on the road, forcing my car to lose control, roll, and land in a ditch hitting a tree.

“The air ambulance came out and the road was closed off. It took around two hours to cut me free from my car before I was flown to hospital.

“Four cars drove past me when I initially crashed, but one man stopped to call 999 and help me, to comfort me. I owe my life to him.”

Alan Rogerson.

Alan Rogerson. - Credit: Archant

Since the accident, Sophie, 25, who lives with her fiancé Michael and their eight-month-old son James, shared what had happened on Facebook in the hope of finding the man who helped keep her alive. The post has now been shared more than 200 times.

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“A few people said ‘it’s this man, call this number’, but I didn’t want to phone unless I was 100 per cent sure it was the right person. And he might not have wanted to talk to me, even.

“When the police came to take a statement, I passed on the name and number I’d been given.”

Alan Rogerson, a 55-year-old man from Littleport who helped save Sophie’s life and works as an agricultural engineer, phoned her that evening with his wife.

“We had a bit of a cry when I spoke to Sophie. When I found out I couldn’t actually get to her I put my hand on the glass to let her know I was there.

Sophie, James and Michael.

Sophie, James and Michael. - Credit: Archant

“Sophie put her hand there as well, as if to say ‘don’t leave me’. From that point I thought to myself, I’m going to get this kid out. The night after the accident I went home to my wife and broke down.

“She’s a very lucky lady and I’m just a caring person. I was in a fairly tall vehicle so I could see her, luckily. She was in such a precarious predicament and wasn’t really visible to the normal car.

“I don’t really think you could leave someone alone like that for so long. It’s something I would have done naturally for anybody.

“I was concerned as to whether there were any children in the car because I could see a child’s car seat; luckily he was at home with Sophie’s fiancé, Michael.

“All of the emergency services did an absolutely incredible job. It took them considerable skill to get Sophie out of that car.”

Sophie with fiance Michael and son James.

Sophie with fiance Michael and son James. - Credit: Archant

Sophie added that the emergency services said she shouldn’t have survived the crash because the car folded itself around the tree.

“I’m just so grateful to him, and all the firefighters and paramedics who helped.

“Alan and I are going to meet once I’ve fixed myself up a bit. I’m also going to meet the Helimedix to say thank-you; Dan and Sarah are just amazing people.

“I’ve got a fear of flying but they just made me laugh the whole way.”

Sophie, who is to marry her partner Michael Short in Cyprus in May, also said she wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for Jim, a fireman who stayed with her for the whole two hours.

“I’m still not sure how a seven foot man managed to squeeze behind me in a crushed car, but he held my neck and talked to me. He was brilliant and kept me conscious.”

The paramedics were also brilliant, she said.

“One of them held my hand and squeezed it to keep me awake whilst the front window was smashed by the trauma doctors.

The fact that she’s now sat at home, Sophie said, is “amazing.

“I said to my fiancé, Michael, ‘I won’t be any more than half an hour. But within 10 minuets I rang him and said ‘I’m in ditch, I’m trapped, help me’.

“I was only going out to Argos to pick up some shelves, because we’ve just changed one of our rooms into a treatment room.

“I’m just gobsmacked I’m still alive. Luckily I had my seat belt on; wearing it saved my life. It’s so important to wear one, no matter how short the journey.

“I would also like to thank my fiancé, Michael, for his endless support to me and our son. He is my rock and I want to tell the world how much I love him.”

• Sophie is asking for any donations to be made to Magpas Helimdix: www.magpas.org.uk and the Littleport Fire & Rescue Service.