Ziggy is missing from Ely - your help is needed

Ely pair launch appeal for missing Ziggy

Ziggy went missing after slipping her lead near Ely Country Park on February 23. - Credit: Supplied

Hundreds have shared an appeal in the space of 24 hours to help two dog owners retrieve their beloved pet. 

Bonnie, known to owners Sam and Flo as Ziggy, went missing at around 8am on Tuesday, February 23 after slipping her lead near the railway tracks near Ely Country Park. 

Since an appeal was launched on social media, it has been shared hundreds of times in a bid to help find the seven-month-old rescue dog, which was collected from her foster home by Sam and Flo on February 20. 

Ely pair launch appeal to find missing dog

Seven-month-old Ziggy was collected by her owners on Saturday, February 20 - Credit: Supplied

They said: “We’ve not had any sightings of her, but we think she might have been heading somewhere throughout the day because she is so nervous.” 

Sam and Flo also warned anyone that may see Ziggy, who they say has similarities to a border collie, not to approach her straight away. 

Ely pair on search for missing dog

Ziggy's owners say if anyone sees a sighting of their seven-month-old pet, to contact them first. - Credit: Supplied

Hundreds join search for Ely dog

Seven-month-old Ziggy went missing near Ely Country Park and since then, hundreds have shared an appeal on social media to help retrieve the missing pet. - Credit: Supplied

The pair added: “It might not be until she gets hungry that she might appear. She is really nervous, so if anyone sees her, don’t approach her; just let us know and we can start a search party.  

“If someone sees her, she might get scared if you try to grab her. 

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“We are really grateful for hundreds of people sharing the post because it’s a useful way of people being able to find her and letting us know, so every share is important.” 

Ely pair launch appeal to find missing dog

Ziggy's owners believe their beloved pet slipped her lead before going missing on February 23. - Credit: Supplied

If you see any sightings of Ziggy, contact Flo on 07815 969914 or Sam on 07904 374502.