Mums’ outcry that college has banned supermarket trousers and skirts as uniform

Principal at Witchford Village College, Chris Terry

Principal at Witchford Village College, Chris Terry - Credit: Archant

Two mums have launched a school uniform petition against a college forcing parents to buy official logo school trousers and skirts costing around £20 each.

Families are already struggling to make ends meet, they say, and can buy them for less than half the price at local supermarkets.

A pack of two pairs of plain black school trousers can be bought at a local supermarket for £11 or two skirts for £14.

However, Witchford College principal Chris Terry said of the logo items: “I am told by industry professionals (they are) a much better and more durable quality than before and as a result we believe these to be good value for money.”

One mum said: “It’s ridiculous, what’s worse is these trousers have a logo the size of a two pence piece that will be covered up by the blazers they have to wear all the time!

“Me and a friend have started a petition. Some families are struggling to feed their children and probably using food banks how can they expect these people to afford this?

“A lot of parents are already struggling with the cost of uniforms, plus many of us having more than one child at school it’s crippling.

“The uniform is already expensive, a full set can set you back over £250.

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“The reason they are changing it is because some wear the wrong bottoms, in our eyes they are the ones who should be penalized, not the majority who have always sent our children in right.

“We’ve had a letter from the head teacher saying if the logo trousers aren’t worn they’ll be putting sanctions in place.

“I and many others will be sending our children in normal smart black trousers as we can get two to three pairs for the price of one from the school.”

The petition is calling for the school to rethinks.

One mum said they: “Totally agree with the pupils looking smart and wearing sensible trousers but do not agree that children will be punished for not wearing them, which is not fair.

“It should have been bought to our attention and asked for a point of view before putting this in place.”

Mr Terry said: “Once the term has started we will be looking at sanctions for pupils not in correct uniform. These may range from detentions to isolations and parental meetings.

“We will be enforcing uniform robustly in September to ensure standards are adhered to.”

“I am aware that many of you find SWI a difficult company to deal with. I have taken this on board and i am looking at this issue of customer service with them.

“I appreciate there may be issues with ordering items or having them delivered in time for the start of term. I will of course take this into account before looking at sanctions.”