How to tackle radicalisation? East Cambs have a plan

East Cambs launches 3R campaign to tackle radicalisation

East Cambs launches 3R campaign to tackle radicalisation - Credit: Archant

A campaign to help prevent vulnerable young people from becoming radicalised and drawn into extremism has been launched by East Cambridgeshire District Council.

The 3R campaign stands for ‘Recognise, Report and Result’ and gives partner agencies –secondary schools, scout and guide groups, youth clubs and parish councils – information about how to support young people at risk of becoming involved in extremist activities.

The focus is on preventing people from being radicalised before they become involved in any illegal acts. Whilst aimed at all age ranges, the campaign has a major focus on young people.

Neighbourhood support officer Nick Ball, who helped launch the scheme, said: “The 3R campaign is not about catching terrorists, it is about identifying people who may be at risk of radicalisation, and supporting them to change direction in a way that will help them.

“We owe our young people a duty of care to ensure they don’t throw away happy and fulfilling lives by becoming involved in criminal activities that can harm them and others.”

Radicalisation happens when someone gets drawn into extremism. If someone decides that using fear, terror or violence is justified to achieve ideological, political or social change – this is violent extremism.

Jo Brooks, Director of Operations at ECDC, said: “This is not about singling out certain communities or one group, it is about tackling extremism in all its forms whether it is far right, Islamist, extremist animal rights or other groups who may pose a threat to public safety.

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“Quite often it is a vulnerable or lonely teenager who gets hooked into this kind of behaviour online and that’s where community-based support can really make a difference before they get into something more serious.”

For more information call police on 101 or contact the 3R team on