‘You can’t help stupid’: Your ideas on how to stop Britain’s Most Bashed Bridge claiming another victim in Ely

Stuntney Bridge in Ely has been hit more than 120 times since opening. We asked you to come up with

Stuntney Bridge in Ely has been hit more than 120 times since opening. We asked you to come up with ideas on what can be done. Picture(s): ARCHANT - Credit: ARCHANT

We recently reported that Ely’s notorious Stuntney Bridge had been hit by a large vehicle yet again. Something needs to be done, right?

Following our report, we launched an appeal to find a solution to the rail bridge's problem. Here are some of our favourite responses.

Philip Eden tells us that the bridge should be closed permanently and that the recent repair works were a waste of money.

He said: "Just close it permanently. I have no idea what was going through the minds of the county council when they wasted all that money.

"They should have closed it, except for cyclists and pedestrians. Then an amazing unimpeded entrance to the station could've been built. Did they even ask anybody? I doubt it."

One resident said we should rename the bridge to Brexit Bridge. Jim Lees clearly wasn't a fan, he said that "would never happen".

Su Foxall thinks a large frame should be placed around the entrance to the bridge, making it even clearer to drivers that there is a height restriction in place.

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She said: "Why can't a frame, the same size as the height of the bridge like you see in car parks, be put up before the traffic lights.

"If vans can't get through that, they would know they couldn't get under the bridge! A large sign should be attached to explain."

Sarah Hogg thinks the road leading up to the bridge should be made into a one-way system, with flashing warning signs alerting drivers.

She said: "They should have it one way going out off Ely. And then put warning signs up along the road that flash, if they are too big then they need to turn off before the bridge."

Sally MacEachern from Haddenham wrote in and said that hanging chains should be fitted to alert drivers of large vehicles that they will not fit through the bridge.

She said: "A steel beam either side of the bridge so the vehicle hits that rather than the bridge.

"Or chains hanging from a gantry that hit the vehicle, warning the driver that it will not fit under the bridge."

There were obviously a few responses which couldn't quite make it in this article. However, here are some of our short, but sweet, responses.

Martin Dawson joked: "Just proves you can't help stupid."

Liz Farrington said: "Should these drivers be driving on the road. If they can't see the warning signs they shouldn't be driving."

Steve Pope said: I know it's lower now than it used to be because they've raised the tarmac, because the other day when I went under it rattled my radio ariel in my van! Lol."

Do you think you've got a better idea? Email: harry.rutter@archant.co.uk or tweet us @ElyStandard with #ElyBridgeFix