Why you should use peat-free compost in your garden

PlantGrow's natural fertiliser soil conditioner is peat-free and made from plants.

Co-founder Steven Suggitt (left) and general manager Daniel Suggitt (right) with PlantGrow's natural fertiliser soil conditioner. - Credit: PlantGrow

Discover how you can garden sustainably and help protect the planet while making your outdoor space look stunning.

Daniel Suggitt from PlantGrow reveals how their organic gardening products are helping to change the way we garden forever, and where you can find the best compost within Ely for your plants. 

Q: Why is it important for us to change the way we garden?

A: Recently, the government announced the sale of peat compost will be banned to gardeners by 2024. This is because the extraction of peat to create most general composts is destroying habitats, releases excess carbon dioxide, and is harming our planet. In one year alone, we remove over 500 years’ growth of peat, which we can’t replenish, as peat grows by only one millimetre per year, meaning peat bogs are fast disappearing.

Currently, peat is used to make around 60 to 70 per cent of all general composts, which is why in the next two years gardeners will depend on leading companies to fill the gap with sustainable alternatives.

Q: What can I use in my garden instead of peat compost?

Peat-free sustainable compost from PlantGrow in Attleborough.

The government has announced the sale of peat compost will be banned to gardeners by 2024, meaning you'll need to find a sustainable alternative. - Credit: Getty Images/iStockphoto

A: We have a product that’s extremely close to peat compost, except it’s sustainable and naturally made. It’s perfect for conditioning your soil and healthy growth.

PlantGrow is the first in the UK to produce an award-winning range of organic fertiliser approved products made entirely from plants. We use a renewable energy process called anaerobic digestion and produces no chemical, peat or animal waste.

Our natural fertiliser liquid, winner of the Breaking Boundaries Award 2020, can feed all areas of your garden, and even house plants. It’s a micro and macronutrient rich formula that you can mix with collected rainwater and apply every one to two weeks, for optimal growth. Our solid organic soil conditioning fertiliser is perfect to use on your soil. It can be applied using the no-dig method and will replenish its microbiome and vital minerals.   

You can also use our bio compost to care for your raised beds, borders, and containers, or for planting directly into the ground. Our organic super tomato feed is also ideal to use on your fruit, vegetables and herbs.

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Q: Are you confident PlantGrow can meet the supplies needed to replace peat compost before the ban comes into place?

Use PlantGrow natural liquid fertiliser for healthy plant growth.

Use water collected in your water butt, to combine with PlantGrow's natural liquid fertiliser for a healthy, stunning garden this summer. - Credit: Getty Images/iStockphoto

A: Since the government announced the ban, we’ve been talking with market leaders to discuss how we can supply substantial amounts of peat-free product.

We’re in a prime position to meet this demand as we own the patent to produce our products, and since our foundation in 2015, are committed to designing top-quality, sustainable organic products that gardeners of all experiences, can use in their homes. It’s our goal to become one of the leading suppliers of peat-free gardening alternatives by 2022.

Q: Where can I buy PlantGrow?

A: Our products are available to buy at your local garden centre, supermarkets, and via our website. The number of places you can buy PlantGrow is ever-growing. Within the last 18 months, we’ve expanded from a trusted regional brand into an international one, supplying Belgium, Luxemburg and The Netherlands.

Expert garden scientists, professional entomologists and UK gardeners of all experiences have tried and tested our products with tremendous results. The Soil Association approves our full product range and is pesticide and herbicide-free.

We’ll soon be releasing our brand-new range of sustainable gardening products, including a small carry bag of our award-winning bio compost.

Visit plantgrow.co.uk to discover where you can buy peat-free compost within Ely. Call 01953 525 001 or email info@plantgrow.co.uk.

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