£450,000 house may come down to allow access to 80 homes

81 Brook Street Soham could be demolished to create access to land for up to 80 homes. 

81 Brook Street Soham could be demolished to create access to land for up to 80 homes. - Credit: Pigeon Investments

A five bedroom, £450,000 house could be demolished to create access to 80 new homes on a 12-acre site behind it.  

Pigeon Investment Management Ltd has submitted an application to East Cambridgeshire District Council with the five named landowners to build the estate.  

Their application says up to 16 of the homes will be designated affordable.  

Planners were reminded that the site is within an area designated for housing under the Local Plan of 2015.  

In addition to the 80 homes, the applicants will demolish 81 Brook Street, create a site access and a replacement bungalow.  

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"The scheme will provide a range of public benefits which further supports the grant of planning permission,” says the applicants.  

Ut will provide “significant” areas of public open space, biodiversity enhancements and pedestrian and cycle links connecting to town. 

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The site is currently open farmland to the north east of Brook Street. 

The land lies to the rear of homes fronting onto Brook Street. 

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