Overhanging trees can be cut, council tells neighbour

22a Cambridge Road, Ely, and overhanging trees which planners agree can be trimmed.

22a Cambridge Road, Ely, and overhanging trees which planners agree can be trimmed. - Credit: ECDC

A homeowner has been told they can reduce trees overhanging from their boundary with St John's Manor at the rear of 22a Cambridge Road, Ely.  

East Cambridgeshire District Council has agreed the application that will see the trees reduced to the vertical boundary. 

The homeowner will also be allowed to remove any deadwood which overhangs the boundary.  

The council says its consent allows for the work to be with carried out within two years. 

They also say the tree work should be carried out by a professional tree surgeon to the British Standard for Tree Works. 

The homeowner told East Cambs trees officer Kevin Drane that they accepted they would have to “the work to trim the trees. 

“But the problem for us is access to the trees for the tree surgeons who we engage, which will be for us to sort with the owner.” 

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Mr Drane told the homeowner the council did not have any powers to enforce tree pruning except in relation to high hedges. 

“In regards to your neighbour’s trees you have common law rights to prune branches overhanging the vertical boundary at your own cost,” Mr Drane told them. 

“Any arisings must be offered back to the tree owner; if the owner does not want the arisings, then it will be your responsibility to dispose of then in a legal and appropriate manner.” 

He also told them: “Your current application states that you are requesting the neighbour trims the overhanging branches. 

“Your concerns regarding an Ash tree in order to get any trimming done by the owner you will need to contact them directly.  

“If you wish to apply to undertake some pruning yourself I will require a clear specification as to the intended works”. 

He said that this would include the reduction of all trees overhanging from the boundary with St Johns Manor by 1.5m to 2m or to the vertical boundary whichever is the shortest and remove any deadwood overhanging the boundary. 

Mr Darne also advised the homeowner to seek “professional advice from a reputable tree surgeon for any works you would like to undertake”.  

The homeowner was told that if the work is not carried out or not completed within two years “then this consent shall have expired and a new application must be submitted to this office”.