Classic car garage refused for being of 'excessive scale'

Swaffham Prior garage row

View of existing property to be retained: outbuilding to be retained. The house at Swaffham Prior - Credit: ECDC

Carl Dalton has been refused permission for a garage to work on his classic cars after planners claimed it was simply too large.  

In addition to the two-storey garage, Mr Dalton wanted a home office above it but East Cambs District Council refused to allow it. 

It described his proposals as of an “excessive scale” and larger than his house at Station Road, Swaffham Prior. 

“It is considered by virtue of its scale that this competes with the host dwelling would not be in keeping with the character of the host dwelling,” planners ruled.  

The council also said a neighbouring garden had several trees and no arboriculture impact assessment. 

Planners said garage outbuildings should not compete in any way with the main house.  

And nor should they have the “appearance/volume” of a house.  

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Council policy is that an extension in the countryside should be in keeping with the height, scale and character of the original house.  

"The outbuilding is considered to be an excessive scale that competes with and is larger than the host dwelling.  

“The garage is not a subservient addition and fails to have regard for the small scale of the host dwelling.” 

Planners felts the outbuilding “fails to be sympathetic to the surrounding area and the character of the host dwelling.  

“The outbuilding is not considered to have any architectural merit. As the dormers are considered to be cramped and the overall building has incorrect proportions.” 

They also argued there is “too much brickwork on every wall creating several blank elevations.  

“The front elevation appears to be too tall with disproportionate sized garage doors leaving another section of blank brickwork”.  

Planners agreed views from the roadside of the new garage would be minimal.  

However, they also noted that “glimpses of the garage would be achieved in the back drop of the host dwelling. 

“Given the scale of the proposed garage, this would appear and be read as a new dwelling that is a disproportionate size to the host dwelling.”  

Mr Dalton’s agent said the house was previously used as part of the old railway station and has a generous plot flanked by large trees.  

The house has a long and wide garden The site lies outside the boundary of the Swaffham Prior conservation zone.