Larger homes now planned for bungalow site

162 west fen road ely

162 West Fen Road to be knocked down and replaced with houses - but three or four bedrooms is the question? - Credit: ECDC

Larger than previously agreed homes could be built once a £345,000 bungalow in Ely is demolished.  

A year ago, owners won consent for the bungalow at 162 West Fen Road to be knocked down and replaced with two three-bedroom detached houses.  

Now an application is before East Cambridgeshire District Council for the site to accommodate two four-bedroom houses.  

One neighbour has already told the council the bungalow should remain “as there is nothing wrong with the property”. 

The resident raises concerns over highways and says that with the A10 alongside “it could be an accident waiting to happen”. 

He says: “The road is much more heavily used since the opening of the Ely Leisure Village.  

“Over the years we have witnessed three car write-offs in this road (no fatalities as yet). Insufficient car parking spaces should not be an option.  

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“The car parking area designated on the site plan will mean that the cars or vans parked will block the view of any of us trying to enter West Fen Road from our driveway” 

He adds: “The buildings would not be in character for this part of the area as the plot is not large enough to build two four-bedroom houses.”