42 revellers hit with £100 ‘hang-over’ bill as police bring five illegal house parties to an end

Twenty women – the youngest 17 – and 22 men – the youngest 18 – were issued with £100 fixed penalty fines for breaching Covid guidelines.

The fines were dished out over a three-day blitz on party goers in Waterbeach and Cambridge.

It followed a warning last month by police and crime commissioner Ray Bisby that fixed penalties were the weapon of last resort by Cambridgeshire police.

“The last thing we want to do is to actually enforce by giving fixed penalty notices, but it will be done,” Ray Bisby had warned.

A joint police and county council statement re-iterated the need for people to follow the tier one guidelines that include obeying the rule of six.

Between Friday and Sunday (November 1), police issued 42 fixed penalty notices because of five house parties.

These included student accommodation in Cambridge city, Ravensworth Gardens, Cambridge, and Harvey Way in Waterbeach.

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Twenty tickets were issued to women aged 17 to 29 years and 22 issued to men aged 18-35 years.

Assistant chief constable Vicki Evans said: “We understand that with a second lockdown upon us it is tempting to meet friends and relatives for one last party.

“But we urge everyone, for the sake of the health of their families and friends, to continue to follow the law.

“The message throughout this pandemic remains the same that this is about personal responsibility.

“While the majority of people are acting responsibly, there are a few who are choosing to ignore the guidance and causing disruption for the local community.”

She said: “We will continue to use the 4 E’s of engaging, explaining, encouragement and enforcement, but where people fail to respond, fines will be issued as they have been this weekend.

“The rules are very clear, that for now, no more than six people can be together inside or outside.”

Dr Liz Robin, the county director of public health, said: “Covid19 spreads between people through social contact – which is why lockdowns are effective in controlling the spread of the virus.

“Any last-minute increase in socialising before the lockdown regulations come in on Thursday would be counter-productive and reduce the impact of the four-week lockdown.

“It’s essential that everyone of us does our best to protect the most vulnerable and the ability of our health service to care for everyone who needs it.”

For more information about the current Covid restrictions in Cambridgeshire, visit https://www.gov.uk/coronavirus