House in Churchgate Street, Soham, at risk of collapsing after lorry crash

Lorry stuck in White Hart Lane, Soham at around 11.20am today.

Lorry stuck in White Hart Lane, Soham at around 11.20am today. - Credit: Archant

A house in Soham is at risk of collapsing after a lorry attempted to drive down a narrow road next to it earlier today.

The incident saw a lorry crash into a house in Churchgate Street at about 11.15am,” said a police spokesman.

“There were no injuries but part of the building is at risk of collapsing.

“A structural engineer will be required.”

Photos taken of the scene have been shared by hundreds of people on social media within the last hour.

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A passerby who took one of the photos said: “However they’ve got up there I don’t know.

“I was nosy; I went to the Co-op and then came back to take a picture.”

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The original post on the Facebook page Soham Debate, which was simply captioned ‘Oops’, has received more than 100 comments so far.

One person said: “Goodness me, surely common sense would have told them it was too narrow to go down with a lorry when they turned down that road.”

Another pointed out that “There is a sign on that road clearly saying no lorries.”

A third person asked “at what point wouldn’t you look out of the side window and stop?”

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