Help find owner of photos left at Boots for two years


Boots - Credit: PA

BOOTS staff are urging the owner of a camera memory card to come forward after being left unclaimed at the Ely store for two years.

The card, which contains 250 family photos, sits waiting to be collected along with a set of prints.

Every six months staff try to contact the owner but with no luck.

Boots healthcare assistant Laura Harvey said colleagues remember the card was left by a lady in her early twenties called Kelly Ivison but a contact telephone number left with the card is an unavailable number.

The make of the card is Kingston Technology.

“One of our staff members remembers taking it in and the lady telling her it was a friend’s card that she had borrowed. Maybe that will jog someone’s memory.

“We can’t bear the thought of throwing it out and don’t know what to do with it,” Laura said.

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“There are some priceless memories of someone’s family on there and we would love to get them back to whoever they belong to.”

If you think they are your photos or think you can help trace the owner then pop into store where staff are holding the card or call Boots on 01353-662640.