‘She is an inspiration’ - heartfelt message for supportive grandmother

Annette Flindall

Annette Flindall has been described as 'an inspiration' by her future daughter-in-law. - Credit: Jessica Warriner

Some show they care for someone with flowers, others may send a card.

But the future daughter-in-law of an Isleham grandmother asked us to publish an article about her as she has been such an amazing support for her family and community. In particular, during lockdown.

Annette Flindall cares for her husband, home schools three grandchildren, supports her unwell brother who lives overseas and shops for those who are shielding or self-isolating.

She even finds time to campaign against the proposed Sunnica Energy Farm by delivering leaflets, organising virtual meetings and putting up banners.

Friends who are struggling with lockdown, she invites them for a socially-distanced walk and chats to them on the phone.

Annette’s future daughter-in-law Jessica Warriner explained she just wants her to finally get the recognition she rightly deserves.

Jessica said: “I just want Annette to be recognised for everything she does.

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“She does so much for others, and I thought this was the best way to really show her how much we all appreciate her. And that we all mean it

“Annette has helped me with my own mental health battles recently and she’s been like another mum to me. She also home schools her grandchildren because her son and daughter-in-law still have to work.”

She added: “Annette is so kind, caring and supportive – I don’t know what we would’ve done without her. She makes time for everyone and is an inspiration.”