How East Cambridgeshire children kept fit and healthy over the week-long half term holidays


For some, the half term school holidays are an opportunity to sit back and relax, but these children in East Cambridgeshire used the time to keep fit and active.


A series of workshops organised by All4Sports kept dozens of children in the region healthy with activities from drama, swimming, camping and outdoor survival classes.

Launched in 2009, All4Sports provides schools, preschools and nurseries with workshops to keep school children and under 5s active.

Children took part in a ‘forest school’ two-day workshop at Downham Feoffees Primary Academy, a two-day swimming workshop in Witchford and a five-day holiday camp at The Isle of Ely Primary School.

A spokesman for All4Sports said: “The children enjoyed two days of outside activity at the ‘forest school’ workshops.”


Activities included making bird houses, making mud pies and climbing trees whilst enjoying popcorn, marshmallows and hot chocolate cooked on the camp fire.

The spokesman added: “Due to the fabulous feedback from parents of children who attended the swimming lessons, All4sports will be arranging additional sessions which will be available very soon.”