GP surgery 'failing' us says Labour

Labour Party members outside the GP surgery at Waterbeach

Labour Party members outside the GP surgery at Waterbeach - Credit: LABOUR PARTY

Labour says patients are being failed by a GP surgery. 

Gareth Wright, health spokesperson for the local Labour party, says the surgery at Waterbeach has had extra money ploughed into it but patient care remains inadequate.  

"Funding has actually increased but patients rate it one of the worst GP practices in Cambridgeshire and Peterborough,” said Mr Wright.  

“Ever tried running up a down escalator? That’s what if feels like working in the health service at the moment: no matter how much effort you put in, there’s always the threat that you’ll start to slide backwards. 

“The doctors and nurses at Waterbeach surgery are doubtless feeling like this at the moment. They work hard but they are short-staffed and under-funded. 

“It came as little surprise to see Waterbeach surgery rated as one of the worst in Cambridgeshire & Peterborough a few months ago”. 

Mr Wright said Freedom of Information requests and found that since 2019 the amount of money spent by the NHS for GP services in Waterbeach has more than doubled (up by 104 per cent).  

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He said: “The overwhelming proportion of this funding has gone to subcontractors and what are termed ‘alternative providers of medical services’ such as MKGP plus Limited.  

“This is a privately run company based near Milton Keynes (over 50 miles away).” 

He added: “I am demanding answers from MKGP Plus Limited. Where exactly is the money going?  

“It should be providing better medical care here in Waterbeach”.  

Mr Wilson said it had been announced that no money will be available for a new surgery until another 1600 homes are occupied.  

“That could mean 3800 extra patients before any further capacity is available,” said Mr Wilson. 

“I have heard directly from staff at Waterbeach surgery that they are trying their hardest to provide the best service they can.  

“Patient care is their priority and always has been.” 

The Care Quality Commission says MKGP Plus Limited has been the registered provider for Waterbeach surgery since December 2020.  

“The new provider had made significant improvements to the practice which they had taken over at short notice and which was already in special measures,” says their most recent report.  

MKGP Plus Ltd has been approached for a response to Labour’s comments.