A woman whose 89-year-old husband lay hurt after a fall has praised the “marvellous” East of England Ambulance Service for their swift response.

Mary Roweth’s husband Raymond fell over onto the kitchen floor at their home on May 20 and was unable to get back to his feet.

“He could not move after he broke crockery in his hands,” said Mary.

“I gave him a pillow to put his head on, rang 999 and got through straight away.”

As Mary tried to get Raymond comfortable while on the floor, paramedics were on their way to their home in March.

And within 15 to 20 minutes after the initial phone call, they had arrived.

“When they came in, they got two ambulance crew and manhandled my husband up,” she recalled.

“It seemed as though I put the phone down, gave him a cushion while he was on the floor and the ambulance service was here.

“I thought it was wonderful.”

After helping Raymond to his feet, paramedics stayed at the home to make sure he was fine.

They also helped tidy up the broken crockery inside the kitchen once Raymond was standing up again.

“I thought that was marvellous,” Mary said.

Before the Covid-19 pandemic began two years ago, Mary, 81 needed to go into Peterborough City Hospital and required the East of England Ambulance Service to transport her to hospital.

Paramedics were able to assist Mary into an ambulance, take blood tests and travel back home with her from hospital once she was ready.

“They were with me before lockdown and did my blood pressure as I am diabetic,” Mary said.

“At the time, I think I was in the ambulance maybe 15 minutes before they could take me into A&E.”

Mary has never had any major issues with the East of England Ambulance Service, which was put in ‘special measures’ in October 2020.

But because of her positive experiences, she hopes the service’s reputation does not decline.

“Maybe in another region, that is all going on (issues with ambulance service),” Mary added.

“But our service has always been very efficient.”