Headteacher of new Littleport secondary school promises to make it outstanding from day one

Littleport Academy and special educational needs school gain sponsorship thanks to Department of Edu

Littleport Academy and special educational needs school gain sponsorship thanks to Department of Education permission - Credit: Archant

The headteacher of a new secondary school, opening in Littleport in September 2017, has vowed to make it outstanding from day one.

Scott Gaskins says he wants to play a key role in the development of the new 600 place school and is driven by teaching and learning excellence.

Mr Gaskins, current vice principal of Neale Wade Academy in March, has written his first blog as head of Littleport and East Cambs Academy.

In it he said: “As soon as the Active Learning Trust secured the school, I was determined to play a key role in its development.

“My vision for LECA is to be ‘outstanding’ from day one. We have a unique opportunity that rarely comes along.

“One that requires determination and focus and unrelenting drive. From now until we open we will be refining every system, training staff, visiting primaries and welcoming the new cohort of LECA students to Neale Wade in the summer term.”

He added: “There is a lot of hard work ahead and challenges to overcome but with every challenge we learn and we make progress.

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“With our partners at Highfields, Littleport, we also have a strong alliance where I am sure we will learn much from one another and be able to offer all of the students on the Littleport campus the academic and pastoral support they deserve.”

In the coming weeks the uniform and sports kits will be on display at the local primaries which he hopes students will wear with pride.

He said: “Little did I know I would be appointed head and, with the help of Jason Wing as executive principal, I now have the chance to lead the school with its very first cohort of students.

“My role in my current position as vice principal at Neale Wade Academy has always been rooted in teaching and learning and I believe the head of any school should be driven by teaching and learning excellence.”

He added that in the last four years the Neale Wade team had developed fantastic teachers who have helped the school achieve its first ever ‘good’ from Ofsted.

“One of the many ways we did this was by fostering a supportive ethos,” he said which was: “driven by continuous professional development and a dogged determination to stick with the systems we knew would work.”

• Follow the blog of Mr Gaskins and the Twitter feed for the latest news on LECA on lecacadmy.org/our-school/welcome or @LECAcademy.