Hundreds gather outside Ely Cathedral as new heads of school at King’s Ely are announced

New heads of school at King’s Ely Solomon Boon (second left) and Charlotte Wilkinson (second right)

New heads of school at King’s Ely Solomon Boon (second left) and Charlotte Wilkinson (second right) with deputies Tom Henderson (right) and Ilaria Dimina (left). Picture: Supplied / JORDAN DAY - Credit: Supplied / JORDAN DAY

It’s back to school and King’s Ely has already announced the names of their two new heads of school.

Solomon Boon and Charlotte Wilkinson were formally installed at the school's beginning of year service held outside Ely Cathedral.

At the ceremony, the new heads were robed before they robed the new deputies, Tom Henderson and Ilaria Dimina.

John Attwater, principal, said: "It is wonderful that my first official function since joining King's Ely has been to welcome our new school leaders, both junior and senior.

"Their appetite to take responsibility for their school and each other is great to see, and I look forward to working with them in the terms to come."

Charlotte has been a student at King's Ely since joining King's Ely Acremont Nursery in 2005.

She said: "I think being head of school is going to be a challenge but it is one I am really looking forward to.

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"I am looking forward to getting to know everyone and having a say in things that are going on in school.

"King's Ely has done so much for me and I want to make sure that everyone else gets the same experiences and as much as they can out of being here too."

Sol, who has been at King's Ely since joining King's Ely Junior in Year 7 and represents the school's 1st teams in rugby, football and cricket.

He said: "I am looking forward to getting to know as many people, both students and staff, as I can throughout the year.

"I was very surprised when I found out I was going to be head as there are many strong leaders in the prefect team and any one of them could have easily done very well as head.

"I think the greatest challenge I will face over the next twelve months will be fitting everything in; good time management will be key to this."

School 'Prefect' status has been awarded to Lily Buckley, Anna Chaudhry, Phoenix Chow, Lachlan Cook, Victoria Davis, Lottie Ebbens, Ben Garrett and Daniel Grapes.

Callum Hall, Thomas Hutchinson, Joshua Jackson, Johnson SY Leung, Yizhang Li, Lucy Lott, Darcey Newell, Arthur Plews, India Thomas and Emily Williams.

The 'Beginning of Year Service' also sees heads of houses for both King's Ely Junior and King's Ely Senior being welcomed into their posts.

In King's Ely Junior, Queen Emma is being headed up by Anabelle Cutts and Yanki Ertem; Queen Philippa is being led by Aoife Grant and Samuel Lott.

Saunders is being headed up by Elly Hakansson-Harvey and Fred Marshall; Goodwin is being led by Imogen Ryan and Rohan Bramley; Priory is being headed up by Steven Guo and Jake Hall; and Choir is being led by Nelson Cuthbert-Jacques.

In King's Ely Senior, Ilaria Dimina and Chelsea (Yuetong) Wang are Head of House for Hill; Daniel Grapes for Hereward; Orlando Squires for Osmond.

Tom Henderson for Wilkinson; Arthur Plews for School; Lily Buckley and Victoria Davis for Torfrida; Emily Williams for Etheldreda; and India Thomas for Withburga.